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Test Day

Preparing for the GRE test day involves crucial decisions and strategies to ensure a smooth testing experience, whether taking the test at home or at a test center.
  • Choosing between the at-home GRE and the test center GRE depends on personal preferences, with both formats being identical in structure but differing in delivery.
  • Considerations for the at-home test include schedule flexibility, comfort, and potential technical issues, while the test center offers a more controlled environment.
  • Selecting the optimal test time requires planning, especially for popular time slots and peak months from August to December.
  • Familiarizing oneself with the testing environment, whether at home or at a test center, can alleviate test day nerves and contribute to a more focused performance.
Choosing Your Test Environment
At-Home vs. Test Center Considerations
Scheduling Your Test
Familiarizing With the Testing Environment