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General Introduction

This content provides a comprehensive introduction to the GRE test, highlighting the 2023 updates, the structure of the exam, and strategies for preparation.
  • The GRE format has been updated in 2023, featuring fewer questions and reduced testing time, but maintains the same content and question types.
  • Scoring scales remain unchanged, with quantitative and verbal sections scored on a 130-170 scale, and analytical writing scored on a 0-6 scale.
  • The GRE tests critical thinking, accumulated knowledge, and specifically, the ability to take the GRE itself, emphasizing that the test is learnable with the right strategies.
  • Effective preparation involves understanding GRE-specific strategies, using accurate prep materials that mimic real GRE questions, and consistent practice with focused effort.
  • The content is designed for individuals preparing for the GRE, offering insights into the exam's structure, what it tests, and how to effectively prepare using Magoosh GRE prep.
2023 GRE Updates
GRE Test Structure
Who Takes the GRE?
What's on the GRE?
Learning the GRE