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Study Plans and Resources

The Magoosh GRE prep platform offers a variety of study schedules designed to accommodate the diverse needs and timelines of students preparing for the GRE, emphasizing the importance of structured preparation.
  • Magoosh provides flexible study schedules to help organize GRE prep into a realistic timeline, catering to different student needs and availability.
  • Students can choose from four main study schedules through their dashboard: One-Month Beginner, One-Month Advanced, Three-Month Beginner, and Three-Month Advanced, each designed to keep daily prep time around two and a half hours.
  • Choosing a study schedule helps reduce stress and increase accountability by providing a structured preparation timeline.
  • The best study schedule depends on the individual's available prep time, familiarity with the GRE, and score goals.
  • Students have the freedom to supplement their chosen schedule with additional lessons and practice to address weaknesses or further refine their skills.
  • Options for changing schedules are available if students find their initial choice is not ideal for their prep needs.
The Importance of Structured Study Schedules
Choosing the Right Study Schedule
Customizing Your Study Plan
Adjusting Your Study Schedule

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