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Verbal Section Breakdown

The summary of the content provides an in-depth breakdown of the GRE verbal section, detailing the types of questions encountered, their distribution across sections, and strategies for preparation.
  • The GRE verbal section is divided into two parts, with a total of 27 questions spread over 41 minutes.
  • Question types include text completion, sentence equivalence, reading comprehension, and paragraph argument, each contributing to a significant portion of the verbal reasoning section.
  • Text completion and sentence equivalence questions each account for about a quarter of the verbal section, with approximately 7 questions of each type.
  • Reading comprehension is the most common question type, making up about half of the verbal reasoning questions.
  • Paragraph argument questions, while not officially named by the GRE, are a subtype of reading comprehension and are highlighted for their difficulty and distinct approach.
Overview of the Verbal Section
Question Types and Distribution
Strategies for Preparation