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Skipping Questions and Pacing

The essence of the content revolves around effective pacing strategies and the judicious use of the skip feature during the GRE exam to maximize scoring potential.
  • Every question on the GRE is worth the same number of points, debunking the common misconception that harder questions carry more weight.
  • Test-takers should focus on answering easier questions first, leveraging personal strengths and skipping harder questions initially to optimize time and scoring.
  • Understanding the section-adaptive nature of the GRE is crucial, as the difficulty level of the second section is determined by the overall performance in the first section.
  • Identifying personal 'easy tests' through practice and familiarity with question types is key to developing an effective pacing strategy.
  • Utilizing reliable practice tests, such as those from ETS and Magoosh, is recommended to get accustomed to the test format and the strategic use of the skip feature.
Equal Weightage of Questions
Strategic Question Selection
Understanding Section-Adaptive Nature
Identifying Personal 'Easy Tests'
The Importance of Practice Tests